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Student Cover has carved a niche for themselves in the student overseas education loan market by providing student-oriented products and services thereby creating a database of 10,000 happy and satisfied customers.


“Student Cover Excellence Loan”

This is our flagship student loan program which offers the maximum loan amount at the lowest interest rate according to the student’s academic and financial profile. This program has been created keeping in mind that, whatever be your financial situation or status of admission, you should never compromise with your goals or hesitate about taking a decision to better your future. Come to Student cover, we will find a solution to make your dreams shape up.

Get the SC EXCEL Advantage: –

  • Choose from two of the most established loan companies
  • Upto 1.5% less ROI than offered by loan company directly
  • Upto 60 lacs unsecured loan for specific Universities
  • 100% financing of tuition and living expenses
  • Hassle free & transparent process
  • Sanction time of 3 days with regular updates
  • Especially facilitating cases with CIBIL problems with high success rate
  • No service or consultation charge
  • Facility of Online Account post loan amount disbursement
  • Attractive deals/discounts on Health Insurance, Intl. Sim & Forex Cards




Bridge Loans are simply temporary short-term loans that provide a quicker source of getting cash for both commercial and personal needs. However, even though these loans offer people a faster way of getting money during needs, they carry high interest. The reason why they are known as bridge loans is that they bridge the gap between the funding money of one period and another period. The gap between the financing allows the borrower to get access to money with which they can fulfill their short-term requirements easily.

These types of loans are generally extended for a 12-month period. The rate of interest for a bridge loan is normally higher than usual loans and they are mostly backed by equity, debentures, etc. It is basically an interim financing for a certain purpose until the permanent financing or the money from the next period of the same is obtained. The money from the next financing period is generally used to pay off the bridge loan. As the cost involved in the whole process is relatively higher, it should be taken only under special circumstances. It should be used as a method of immediate funding bridging the gap between the time when the money runs out and the time when more money will come.

How do Bridge Loans work?

For an instance, we have a company that got a loan of $1 million after their loan application was approved. Though, the money from the loan will not be awarded to the company for the next six months. As the company is running short on cash, they can opt for bridge loan instead. In this case, the company could sign up for a 6-month bridge loan of any amount; say $50,000 for covering their necessary expenses until the money from the actual loan comes. This way, the working of the company stays intact without any interruption.


Pre-admission loans are usually obtained to ensure that the student receives confirmation regarding their admission abroad. The number of students aiming to study on the foreign lands is increasing day by day. In such cases, it is important that users have proper information regarding every aspect concerning the admission of the war abroad. This is where education loans come into play. With the aid of education loans, students can securely study abroad without caring about any separate expenses as the loan will cover everything from their books cost to exam fees.

The presence of pre-admission loan will further offer students the proof of funds. To put it simply, students can make use of the obtained confirmation to showcase it as a proof of their funds abroad. People usually find it tough to cover all the charges regarding the pre-admission loan. However, no need to worry as our Bridge Loan policy will help you in paying for the costs involved in signing up for a pre-admission loan. All of you to do is trust us with your children’s educational activities and sit back as your child keeps getting world-class education abroad.


Pre-Visa Disbursement Loans are given out as a way for students to secure their I-20 (USA)/Visa in addition to confirmation of their admission to any particular foreign university with ease. The main aim of the loan is to provide students testimony regarding their admission which they can, later on, use as a proof of funds. Once the student secures admission in the university, they can obtain their visa using Pre-Visa Disbursement loan.

As the number of children opting to study abroad is increasing day by day, the policies of acquiring a visa are becoming harder and harder day by day. In such case, it is that vital that you try everything you can to secure a visa for your children to prevent any kind of issues in the future. Once you have confirmed the admission, Pre-Visa Disbursement loan will aid you to secure a visa for you. Following the same, the actual loan will be disbursed to your bank account. You can use it as a proof of funds at the time of your visa interview. In this way, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you are opting for a visa to study abroad and the whole process will a lot easier comparatively.


For all the students seeking to acquire education from a foreign university, you have a chance to get proper proof regarding the availability of funds for studying in that particular institute. The living costs of a child are going to increase in foreign lands for various reasons. In such cases, universities often demand proof from students to check if they can actually afford the fees of the university and stay in the country simultaneously.

Mostly it is observed in the USA that their universities are inclined towards confirming the financial area of a student on a timely basis. In such cases, having a certificate of availability of funds will aid you in showing that you have sufficient funds for university’s tuition fees and a decent stay in the United States of America.

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